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Green With NVIS

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The world used to be a much darker place.

But now, all of that has changed with NVIS. Night vision technology transforms the dark. It allows the user the see clearly defined images at night, or in extreme low light conditions. Night vision systems provide a measure of safety in many of the applications in which they’re found, such a military, aviation, security and hunting. NVIS, or Night Vision Imaging System, refers to any form of night vision equipment, though most commonly it refers to cameras or binoculars. There are, however, many other applications where NVIS enabled equipment are required. People who work significantly in the dark may need a readable device that isn’t blinding or a shining beacon to their location. Cockpit crews and pilots who fly late at night use NVIS instrument panels to increase their situational awareness, and to keep the level of light consistent with their outdoor surroundings. This allows them to look back and forth between the horizon and their instruments without waiting for their eyes to adjust, and to fly in near complete darkness during stealth missions.In fact, NVIS is so effective in this situation that some pilots have more difficulty with their instrumentation during the day, when sunlight reflects too brightly off their panels. NVIS enabled displays also allow use with or without the aid of NVIS goggles, allowing crews to work in tandem with less equipment or to move back and forth from a cockpit to cabin with different levels of light.

Inside and NVIS lit cockpit at night

Photo by: aerodynamix.com

Other professions rely heavily on night vision as well. Both law enforcement and military conduct some of their most dangerous missions at night. With the aid of NVIS they are able to see clearly into the field of duty, and possibly spot their adversaries without ever being seen themselves. And, like pilots, ground forces rely on the ability to read instrumentation that either doesn’t blind them at night, or give away their position from afar. As consumer electronics like tablets and cell phones continue to enter the battlefield and law patrol, they’ll take on modifications to make them safe for use in the dark, keeping their users up to date no matter when the mission takes place. NVIS also has consumer qualities as well. Night vision has found a niche with hunters and outdoorsmen who set up trail cameras and use night-binoculars or scopes to hunt nocturnal game, and hikers who spend nights camping in the wilderness. Homeowners and businesses also use NVIS cameras for security and surveillance.

NVIS by Us

AGDisplays’ dual mode NVIS filtered backlights

AGDisplays innovates NVIS technology with our own enhancements and custom solutions. Our NVIS displays are already used in cockpits and military vehicles around the world, offering daytime use with full color TFT displays as well as NVIS compliant backlights for night time use.In fact our in-house dual backlight system was designed by us specifically to offer high readability in all light conditions. It is a dual mode solution that consists of High Bright LEDs for daylight use and NVIS compliant backlights for low powered night use that can be placed in any size display. Because of our dual mode LEDs, AGDisplays can offer a variety of combinations such as Class A or Class B filters, or MIL-STD-3009 compliant green LEDs into a variety of panels that are perfect for industrial and military use. We also combine NVIS with current consumer technology to give the average person access to the world of night vision. Using NVIS filters we can add night vision specs to a variety of tablets and mobile phones such as iPads, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices, products which are available by request at sales.agdisplays.com.If you need to see your LCD screen at night for any reason or application, AGDisplays can make it happen.

To learn more about AGDisplays, NVIS and our custom design solutions, please visit our website at agdisplays.com

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