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LCDs on Display

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It’s impossible to ignore the importance of display technology in our modern world. Whether we’re tapping at our iPhones like bubble wrap or working diligently at our laptops, it seems like human nature to be drawn to these glowing rectangular gadgets. After the first modern version of the LCD screen was invented in 1974, LCDs have become the most ubiquitous display technology in the world today. Ranging in purposes from TVs, tablets, cell phones, and computer monitors, to more specialized functions like medical imaging devices, navigation systems and wearable tech. So prevalent are LCDs, that you are likely to find them in every room of your house, inside of your car, and in any place that you shop or do business. And beyond simply displaying, many LCDs also serve as the control mechanism to complex computers and machines, providing an important means of interaction for the human operator, all while allowing information to be displayed simultaneously.

A large LCD wall displays a colorful view of outer space.

Because LCDs offer so many different usages, there is an expanding opportunity for businesses and the do-it-yourself-ers alike. As the displays become more and more cost effective, and screen sizes continue to become more diverse, many homebrewers find ways to integrate them into everything from drones to video games. Meanwhile, companies increasingly use LCDs for their signage, machine controllers, and handheld computing. Businesses like AGD, however, continue to press the envelope of the technology through engineering and research development. Offering services like weatherproofing, custom LEDs, and touch screen integration, AGD can completely change the way an LCD looks and functions, making it suitable for nearly any environment or purpose a customer might require. AGD can also take aging panels and give them a facelift, often making them outperform their original specifications and breathing new life into out dated displays, bucking the trends of planned obsolescence and consumable commodities that plague most modern technology.

AGDisplays uses custom components to create high-performance LCDs

With the future of technology becoming increasingly visual, LCDs are poised to become even more integral in our daily lives. Finding new and unique applications and advancing the capabilities of these products is the next step in sustaining their popularity, and is a step that AGD is taking in bounds. AGD continues to offer innovative displays and custom solutions that re-invent the way LCDs can be used and viewed.

To learn more about AGDisplays, NVIS and our custom design solutions, please visit our website at agdisplays.com

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