About Us

AGDisplays is a leading provider of high quality LCD Enhancement products and services for industrial markets. Our custom panel solutions improve standard  display attributes while maximizing performance in any environment. Our Store provides high performance products, engineered and supported by AGDisplays.

AGDisplays is a division of AssetGenie, Inc. – a company known globally for offering a wide range of computer spare parts, device repair and other manufacturing solutions.

For over a decade AGDisplays has been a leading provider of high quality LCD enhancement products and services for the industrial markets. We serve customers in all segments: Medical, Marine, Transportation, Manufacturing and Finance, as well as all branches of the US Military. AGDisplays leads the way in offering an extensive range of custom panel solutions that improve standard display attributes while maximizing performance in any environment. The AGDisplays teams are experts in LCDs, from building simple or complex designs to integration work, including ruggedization. We offer over 800 off the shelf products that include tablets, open and closed frame LCDs and much more. Our teams have a dedication to working hand in hand with customers to bring unique project conceptions to life.

Our mission is to provide customers and partners with quality products and reliable services they can trust. We make every effort to provide personalized services that exceed customer need and expectation. The AGI Group is also dedicated to the environment, as we participate in the ISO-1400 program, which aims to eliminate waste entering and leaving the building through diligent oversight from environmental representatives. AGDisplays, and Asset Genie as a whole, are devoted to our community and to making our environment a better place to work and live.

Located in the historic town of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, our 84,000 square foot facility is equipped with the latest in advanced equipment to bring customers a complete line of performance-enhancing LCD solutions with sensible timelines and expert workmanship. Our facility boasts fully equipped state-of-the-art class 1000+ clean rooms, ESD protection control, universal LCD and touch screen testing equipment and a dedicated OCA bonding room. What began in 2007 as a small division of its successful parent company Asset Genie Inc., AGDisplays was created due to a market demand for better LED rails.

For many years, we exclusively manufactured and integrated increasingly advancing LED rail technology to all market segments. As our research and development team expanded, AGDisplays stepped out of the box and challenged ourselves to create a new implementation of NVIS backlight designs. On top of full day-time LCD functionality, we integrated an additional backlight membrane to allow NVIS filtered light to illuminate the LCD internally for night time use. This design filters the light prior to it entering the LCD, hence enabling the use of the LCD with night vision goggles (NVG) or other night vision devices. In 2009, AGDisplays unveiled this innovative Dual Mode NVIS Backlighting System for the military and law enforcement segments. For less robust solutions, we premiered our Full Front NVIS solution for passive integration and easy removal, if needed.

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