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AGDisplays offers completed LCD solutions for integration into your LCD project. Our experts design and ruggedize LCDs for better performance in outdoor environments and applications with more-than-usual wear and tear. Our LCD enhancements are developed through months to years of laboratory research & testing and help promote a longer overall product lifespan. 


The AG133HA-003N-PTG-KIT features: 

  • FHD resolution 
  • Projective capacitive touchscreen and controller 
  • White ink border 
  • EDP input 
  • Perimeter bond 

This Product Qualifies for our Industrial Repair Program 

AGDisplays is focused on refurbishing and repairing your LCDs; we specialize in providing cost-effective alternatives to LCD replacements. 

AGDisplays repairs most components on an LCD, so our customers don’t have to replace whole units for minor repairs. Over years of finely-tuning our in-house manufacturing processes, we provide a smooth transition from modification, to inspection, to shipping. All repairs are performed at our US-based headquarters in Greensburg, PA. 

For quality assurance measures, we perform a full diagnostic analysis for each repaired unit before sending restored LCDs back to customers.  

Read more about our repair program by downloading our ebook here. 



  • Agriculture 
  • Construction/Smart Buildings 
  • Industrial Detections 
  • Engineering 
  • Media/Entertainment 
  • Casino/Gaming 
  • Heavy Machinery 
  • Hospitality 
  • Kiosks/Vending 
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Mining, Oil & Gas 
  • Restaurant/Point of Sale 




AG133HA-003N-PTG-KIT Full Solution LCD Display


  • Touchscreen and controller integration 
  • Versatile and cost effective  
  • Easy integration into existing design 
  • Compatibility with new and legacy equipment 
  • Built for non-conventional designs 
  • Long LED lifespan 
  • High compatibility 


Touchscreen Integration 

The projected capacitive touchscreen features: 

  • Single, dual or multi-touch 
  • High light transmission, in excess of 90% 
  • Superior image clarity 
  • High durability in rough environments 
  • Flexible touch points 
  • High transmissivity 
  • Input triggered by bare hands, latex gloves and stylus 


Tape/Perimeter Bond 

Our tape bond services provide a secure bond that increases productivity, long-term durability and improved appearance. The adhesive offers a wide temperature specification, allowing durable placement of the touch screen to the LCD in various environments. 

  • Bond with High Adhesion 
  • Withstand Static or Dynamic Strength 
  • Continuous Bond Distributes Stress Over Entire Bond 
  • Viscoelastic 
  • Damp Vibration 
  • Resistant to Extreme Weather 
  • Seal Against Environmental Conditions 



Note: specifications subject to change without notice. 

More Information
Resolution Name FHD
Resolution 1920x1080
Outline Dimensions (WxHxD) 306.4x180.2x5.5 mm
Interface HDMI, VGA
Backlight LED
Viewing Angle 85/85/85/85
Active Area (WxH) 293.472x165.078 mm
Contrast Ratio 800
Orientation Landscape
Color Depth 262k (6-bit)
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