UV-C Sanitizer Lamp Kit


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The Surface Sanitizer works quickly to kill bacteria on various surfaces, safe to use on plastic, wood and metal. The closer the light is held to the surface or item being cleaned, the better the effect will be for mitigating the threat.

  • Lightweight & portable design
  • UL rated socket
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Size: approx. 18”x5”
  • Hook on handle for easy storage
  • Bulb cage for protection
  • Easy order additional light bulbs

Included in Kit:

  • UV-C Lamp and Lightbulb
  • Safety Glasses and Protective Sleeve
  • Intensity Labels

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SKU UVC-2537-36W
Bulb Watt 36 watt
Bulb Lifetime 8000 hour
Bulb Voltage AC110 voltage
UV wavelength 253.7 nm
Lamp Size approximately 18" x 5"
Certifications UL rated socket, EN207 CE, 2016/425 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Easy to Use - Versatile - Lightweight

Sanitize surfaces in all areas of your business with the power of UV-C light. Introducing the UV-C Light Surface Sanitizer Kit by AGDisplays.

Research shows that UV-C technology emits shortwave ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate microbes.1 Our handheld UV-C light helps your team reduce cleaning time while maximizing disinfectant results. This light doesn’t use chemicals or heat so it reduces our exposure to irritants in everyday cleaners.

Our UV-C lamp is simple and versatile when used safely in any commercial or home setting. Simply plug it in, put on your protective glasses and switch it on. Quickly & effectively sanitize a variety of surfaces: plastics, cardboard, glass, varnished wood, and metal.

We’ve included with your Surface Sanitizer Kit: glasses & storage sleeve for UV-C protection and UV-C test labels to test strength of germicidal irradiation of the UV-C bulb. Glasses must be worn at all times when UV-C lamp is in use.

UV-C Lamp Brochure

UV-C Lamp eBook

UV-C Quick Start Instructions

UV-C Important SafeGuards


Lamp Benefits

  • Inactivates viruses and kills bacteria
  • Protects against pathogens & allergens
  • Disinfects air, water and various surfaces
  • Does not contain harsh chemical agents
  • Sanitizes: plastics, cardboard, glass, varnished wood, and metal.
  • Lightweight: easy to carry around
  • Portable: long cord fo corner to corner sanitizing


  • Small Business Applications
  • Hotels/Hospitality
  • Retail & Grocery Settings
  • Financial & Banking Institutions
  • Malls & Shopping Centers
  • Subway & Transportation Stations
  • Airport Terminals
  • Waiting Rooms & Show Rooms

UV-C Light Bulb

  • AC110 voltage
  • 36 watt
  • 253.7 nm

Safety Glasses

  • EN207 CE certified
  • Adjustable stems

Storage Sleeve

  • Conveniently store glasses
  • Storage clip

Intensity Testing Labels

  • In house testing
  • Visual indication of UV intensity
  • Reusable labels

Tried and Trusted Technology


With increasing need for sanitization amidst lockdowns & social distancing, ultraviolet lighting for disinfection is garnering increased interest. As the world finds more ways for technology to keep us safe, AGDisplays brings the Surface Sanitizer to consumers & business owners alike.

Knowledge of UV-C light for germicidal irradiation spans over 100 years. Over decades of research, UV-C light has been discovered to inactivate bacteria & viruses; and even be effective in inactivating E. coli and tuberculosis. UV radiation is a form of energy that is measured on a scientific scale called the electromagnetic spectrum.
Ultraviolet light is broken up into 3 sections: A, B & C. UV-C lamp is categorized at 100-400 nanometers on the electromagnetic spectrum. In order to inactivate microorganisms for sterilization purposes, UV-C light must be between 240-280 nm.

Every UV-C lamp emits a specific wavelength nanometers, which may inhibit effectiveness. At 253.7 nm, UV-C light is within the range of maximum bactericidal effectiveness. Virus & bacteria are only inactivated when directly exposed to the UV-C light. It is important for UV-C lamp to be used on surfaces that are not covered in dust/soil.

Please read ALL instructions before using the UV-C lamp.


uv-c wavelength spectrum

Fast & Effective

  • Trusted technology: has been used for decades
  • Light only needs to be exposed for seconds to minutes to begin inactivating viruses & bacteria
  • Exposure length can increase the amount of effectiveness the light has on inactivation
  • Mobility – device can be taken to the site of contamination

Versatile - Useful in All Settings

  • Sanitizes plastics, cardboard, glass, varnished wood, and metal
  • Used in all settings: offices, indoor restaurants, warehouses, industrial settings, retail stores and more
  • Lightweight: easy to carry around and effectively reach every surface
  • Portable: long cord to allow flexible movement from corner-to-corner
  • Easy setup and replacement: insert UV-C bulb into socket and screw in, plug in unit to turn on/off for use


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